Becton Dickinson personalises financial education for staff

Global healthcare organisation Becton Dickinson launched a personalised financial education programme as part of efforts to engage its 300-strong UK workforce in workplace savings benefits. 

Becton Dickinson

As part of the programme introduced in November 2014, the firm uses Nudge’s Global Quantum technology, which uses HR and benefits data to profile employees and pre-empt their individual financial needs.

Employees are then sent a number of messages about how to save money or set and track financial targets. These messages can be picked up on phones, laptops and tablets and can therefore be easily accessed for the firm’s members of staff who work in different locations. 

Tracey Clarke, HR director at Becton Dickinson, says: ”Our workforce is predominantly sales and marketing so many of our employees work all over the country. This means they need to be able to access this information remotely so we wanted this to be easy for them, and this technology gives us that.

“As many of our people work long hours and remotely, seminars and face-to-face sessions have not worked that well for us in the past and therefore delivering through technology was a must to engage with the whole of the workforce.”

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Employees’ financial circumstances can vary quite considerably: “We have people early on in their careers, saving to buy their first house, planning a wedding, starting a family, and those who are starting to think about retirement and who may have more disposable income to invest at that time in their lives,” says Clarke.

”Having access to information that covers all these types of events is extremely useful so employees experience a more personalised service that is far more relevant to them than a one-size-fits-all approach.”