Zipcar launches fleet calculator

Zipcar has launched a business calculator, which enables employers to better understand their current fleet usage patterns, assess the costs involved and identify time spent on administration.

The tool can collate a report that demonstrates the potential time and cost savings associated with a pay-as-you-drive system, taking into account the organisation’s size,current fleet composition, and the time employees spend traveling, as well as time spent on administration.

Working in real-time, it also shows organisations the locations of their closest five Zipcars, should they require them.

Andrew Edgar, head of Zipcar for Business, said: “By freeing [organisations] from the burden of fixed overheads, Zipcar brings down the costs of each [organisation’s] transport needs.”

Ronan Quigley, head of logistics at Onefinestay which offers the Zipcar service to staff, added: “We manage hundreds of homes across London, so the multiple locations and instant access offered by Zipcar is the perfect fit for our operations.

“The most important aspect, especially over busy periods like the Olympics and Christmas, has been the ability to expand our fleet without making longer commitments to [car] leasers.”