Radiator water gives staff wings

Something for the weekend …

Hapless Swedish airbase workers have been guzzling down the sweet, energizing nectar of radiator water for the past two years, The Local has reported.

The gaff is down to a pipe being wrongly connected to a coffee machine.

The thermal mishap was discovered when the base’s system was shut down for maintenance work.

Unsuspecting fighter pilots did not notice their favorite break-time drink had an extra kick to it because of the water’s murky appearance.

Captain Catharina Bergsell of the F17 squadron said: “As the coffee is black and the radiator water is a bit brown, we haven’t noticed the difference.”

Eagle-eyed Bergsell did, however, describe the coffee as unappetising.

But she added: “When you drink coffee from a vending machine it always tastes a little different than fresh coffee and it may not have the best consistency.”

It is hard to predict whether workplace radi-offee will catch on as the next hot thing in the employee benefits world. The beverage’s health and wellbeing attributes are somewhat dubious.

The thermal thirst quencher, however, does offer some opportunities for employers. 

Why negotiate excruciating rates with a plumber when you can bleed the central heating system into the communal coffee machine?

And, if alcohol-based team building becomes unpopular, why not opt for radiator refreshment bonding sessions instead?

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We understand that corporate responsibility sticklers will be keen to use fair trade radi-offee.

The possibilities are endless.