Pay increased at end of 2012

Salaries increased towards the end of 2012 and remained consistent, according to research by recruitment firm Office Angels.

Its Quarterly salary update report found that most areas of the UK saw a small increase in salaries across almost all roles between the third and fourth financial quarters in 2012. 

The retail sector saw the greatest increase. In Wales and Yorkshire, for example, retail salaries were up 4% and 4.2%, respectively, reflecting the lead-up to Christmas.

Steven Kirkpatrick, managing director at Office Angels, said: “Salary increases are still concentrated in particular industries and region, but the overall trend seen across the UK should bring optimism to those searching for work or dissatisfied with their pay.

“This is a trend we believe is set to continue for 2013. Now is the time for well-qualified, enthusiastic and experienced candidates to succeed.”