Leeds Building Society pilots auto-enrolment service

Leeds Building Society is piloting an auto-enrolment service for its 900 staff.

The service, which is provided by Equiniti ICS, includes administration, employee communications, real-time reporting and regulatory reporting.

Auto-enrolment, which begins in October 2012 for organisations with more than 120,000 staff, requires all UK employers to enrol their employees into a qualifying pension scheme.

Becky Hewitt, head of HR at Leeds Building Society, said: “Auto-enrolment brings with it a considerable administrative burden, which we want to mitigate, while ensuring compliance and providing our staff with a high-quality experience.

“Equiniti ICS’s service will meet these needs, with automatic triggers, alerts and workflow to ensure everything is completed on time and to the required standard.”

Alan Foley, director of Equiniti ICS, added: “Our service leverages our current payroll and HR service and technology platforms and expertise.”

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