HSBC staff log 63,000 volunteer days for Earthwatch

Global bank HSBC’s employees have logged in more than 63,000 volunteer days over the past five years for the charity Earthwatch.

Since the launch of its employee engagement programme in 2007, more than a third of HSBC’s global workforce have engaged with climate change issues, through online learning modules, one-day local volunteering opportunities, and a scientific field research programme.

Earthwatch has created a short film, Banking on sustainability, as part of the climate partnership with HSBC.

Significant achievements for the banking group include:

  • 2,267 HSBC climate champions from 65 different countries have spent between seven and 12 days at Earthwatch.
  • 700 personal environmental projects undertaken, following time spent in the field, by HSBC’s climate champions.
  • More than 63,000 volunteer days being logged, enabling HSBC employees to gain practical knowledge of tackling climate change locally.

Eve Carpenter, chief operating officer at Earthwatch, said: “Our programme with HSBC has been Earthwatch’s largest corporate engagement programme to date.

“We are extremely proud of what we have achieved here, the result of twenty years’ experience of engaging employers and their employees in sustainability.

“We have demonstrated that we can help organisations embed sustainability and create a network of engaged staff, who affect positive change in both their business and the environment.”

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