Fairsharemusic launches corporate reward and incentives division

Music download website Fairsharemusic.com has launched a corporate reward and incentives division.

Fairsharemusic for Business offers gift cards and e-gifts, which employers can provide for staff through recognition schemes or benefits packages.

Recipients can browse and spend their reward on chart singles and albums, as well as a back catalogue of over 16 million tracks.

Every time music is downloaded, half the profit goes to the charity of the employee’s choice.

Lee Cannon, co-founder of Fairsharemusic.com, said: “Following our launch in the consumer sector in 2010, we identified an untapped market in the corporate sector, specifically organisations that realise the potential for music promotions, but which also have a commitment to socially responsible corporate rewards.

“Organisations can use Fairsharemusic.com gift cards and e-gifts to connect and engage with employees.”

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