Case study: Barhale builds flexibility into health cash plan

Construction company Barhale has built a health cash plan from scratch to suit its workforce.

The firm offers its 600 senior staff a private medical insurance (PMI) scheme, but it has also introduced Westfield Health’s Mosaic cash plan, using intermediary PMI Health, to provide healthcare benefits for its 400 weekly-paid staff.

The health cash plan provides access to physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropody, which is ideal for construction workers whose common ailments include back problems and musculoskeletal injuries.

As employees’ health issues change, the health cash plan can be adjusted too. This ensures that staff continue to get the most out of their health benefits.

Jim Drain, HR manager at Barhale, says: “The flexibility of the plan meant we could tailor it, so our staff could access services such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropody, while making the most of traditional benefits such as dental and optical.”

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