Accident-prone jockey utilises healthcare benefits

Keeping a lid on private medical insurance (PMI) claims is a concern for many employers.

This must be an impossible task in the case of accident-prone jockey Choc Thornton, who has suffered the 367th fall of his career.

The going has been tough on Thornton’s private healthcare insurance and he has already used his £500 annual physiotherapy allowance for season 2011/12, which is paid for by the Injured Jockeys Fund.

Thornton has is currently recovering from a broken arm following a fall at Hereford last December.

His list of other injuries sustained since he began riding professionally in 1995, include: breaking all 24 ribs; shattering his left collar bone three times and his right collar six times; split lip requiring 22 stitches.

Speaking to The Telegraph Thornton said: “Off the top of my head this latest injury has lost me approximately £30,000 plus through missed riding fees and prize money. Alan King’s horses are on fire and I can’t wait to get back on board.”

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