IGlobalFitness launches wellness challenge

IGlobalFitness has launched a wellness programme that challenges employers to increase their employees’ physical activity and compete against other organisations.

Organisations are able to enter as many teams of five participants in the challenge.

Participants are given a calorie counting activity monitor and access to an online activity programme so they can track their progress.

Participants are challenged to increase their daily activity levels and burn as many calories as possible over a four-month period to be the most active team.

David Moorcroft, chairman of iGlobalFitness, said: “From my experience, there is nothing like some healthy competition to motivate you to get healthier and stay healthier.

“The combined approach of personalised individual support, cutting-edge technology and an element of healthy competition is really unique.

“The Stay Active Challenge is a great way for [organisations] to encourage their employees to have some fun and be more active.”

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