Equiniti launches online financial education campaign

Equiniti has launched an online financial education campaign that features a cartoon operetta to help the 18 million UK shareholders it serves understand complex financial topics.

Its The Big Picture; Hens and Equities operetta will feature a series of short clips with the first covering inflation. Featuring singing chickens, the clip covers the serious topic of how inflation can affect a nest egg.

Mark Taylor, investment services director at Equiniti, said: “Issues, such as inflation, pose serious challenges to successful financial planning.

“We needed to create a way of helping people understand these topics in simple terms and therefore developed The Big Picture: Hens and Equities to offer a bit of financial fun, but also to help educate investors.

“We know many people have a good understanding of things like inflation but may not have the confidence to act on what they know, we hope the barnyard operetta will address this and help them brush up their knowledge on important topics at the same time.

“We will launch a series of clips over the coming months; this first one covers inflation and the impact it can have on a nest egg, something we are all watching very closely.”

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