Health Assured launches new health cash plan

Its Work Assured plan offers a back-to-work module that provides staff with treatment to speed up their return to work. This is designed to cut costs by stripping out all peripheral treatments that have no impact on employees’ ability to do their jon.

Employers that offer the plan, which costs £197 per employee per annum, can also offer staff pre-employment screenings, online health assessments and stress coaching tools as well as a full employee assistance programme (EAP).

Employees can also use any tax savings that they make to purchase a top-up policy that provides full PMI for themselves and their families, or a medical cash plan that includes physical health screening.

Matthew Kelvie, commercial director of Health Assured, said: “The primary reason why most employers buy medical insurance for their staff is to facilitate a speedy return to work following sickness or an accident.

“Not only does conventional PMI fail to achieve that objective, but the cost is rising by as much as 15% per annum in an era of austerity.”