Willis Group re-launches health and wellness portal

Global insurance broker Willis Group has announced the re-launch of its health and wellness portal designed to help companies lower healthcare costs by encouraging employees to lead healthier lifestyles.

The website www.winningwithwillis.com was originally launched in October 2008. The revamped site adds new features and content, including health and wellness information from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This information, along with new interactive tools like a body mass index (BMI) calculator and a monthly health challenge are designed to help people improve their health and wellbeing and support behaviour change.

Michael Barton, chairman of the group’s human capital practice, said: “The Willis human capital practice is focused on helping companies engage employees and their family members in making better decisions about nutrition and exercise. By increasing personal commitment to health and wellbeing, we believe we can help solve one of the greatest problems of the century – healthcare demand.”

The website also includes Willis Rewards, an incentive programme that encourages exercise and other healthy behaviours by offering employees discounts on products and services from more than 2,000 top retailers and manufacturers. Employees obtain points for engaging in healthy activities or achieving other employer-determined milestones, and can redeem those points for discounts of 15% to 40%, and more.

In addition, a virtual health fair is available on the onsite for users to access additional reputable health websites to continue their education in healthier lifestyles. The virtual health fair serves as a public access resource centre for credible content on general health issues, disease-specific support and other health-related and family care topics.

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