P&MM partners with CPP Group to offer identity protection

P&MM has partnered with life assistance company CPP Group,to launch an identity protection programme.

P&MM Lifestyle Solution offers staff unlimited access to their personal credit reports. including credit ratings, credit limits, credit history, loan agreements. This access will allow them to discover whether they have fallen victim to identity fraud.

The programme includes a recovery process and insurance cover up of £60,000 to assist in restoring an identity, along with £1,500 insurance to cover day-to-day expenses during this period.

A fraud resolution expert will also be available to offer advice, guidance and support in the event of identity theft.

Richard Davies, head of employee benefits at P&MM, said: “It may take a victim over 200 hours of work to resolve fraud where a ‘total hijack’ has occurred, perhaps involving 20 to 30 different organisations. Consequently, we have identified CPP’s latest identity protection product as an ideal solution for the employee benefits market, allowing employers to offer their staff assistance in protecting personal information.

“Being an employer is about more than just paying wages these days and employee welfare is an important aspect when putting together support services and benefits solutions. This product offers a means for organisations to protect their staff from the consequences of this insidious, debilitating and growing crime.”

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