ING Car Lease sees rise in rentals

Fleet leasing company ING Car Lease has seen a significant rise in the number of companies using rental vehicles as a key part of their fleet management strategy. In the last year alone the fleet specialist has seen the volume of rentals it handles for both public and private sector organisations rise by over 18%.

Michelle Wilson, head of rental services at ING Car Lease, said: “Over the last year we have seen a definite shift in attitude towards rental vehicles. Whereas they were once seen as an expensive option to leasing, rates and reduced administration have made it far easier for fleet managers to consider rental as part of a wider solution to transport needs.

“Specifically, we are seeing more businesses turning to rental to ensure they are being good employers and ensuring staff do not use unsuitable or uninsured vehicles for one-off business use. Certainly, more companies are doing the right thing under the new health and safety regime and ensuring that rental cars are used in preference to the ‘grey fleet’ option which opens up all kinds of duty of care issues.”

Wilson also highlighted the increased use of rentals in cases of staff probationary periods and extended contracts. She said: “Obviously, in times of economic uncertainty, businesses are looking to minimise their exposure to long-term contracts that could saddle them with assets that may well not get fully utilised.”