Consultation on tips for waiters ends

The government consultation into tips and service charges ended on 11 February, amid strong public support for waiting staff to get 100% of their tips.

Hotel and restaurant workers want to make it illegal for employers to use employees’ tips to top up pay to meet minimum wage levels.

A group of employees, led by trade union Unite, visited Parliament on 11 February to show support for the campaign to end this ‘loophole’ in minimum wage regulations.

Unite official, Len McCluskey, said: “The government must ensure that employers in the hospitality industry give a decent living wage with 100% of tips added on top. This sector has so far failed to demonstrate its commitment to a fair and transparent tipping system.”

There is evidence the campaign has won strong public support.

According to a poll by YouGov, 94% diners want the tips they leave for waiting staff to go directly to them.

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