Take-up affected if perks don’t suit staff lifestyles

A lack of interest in benefits and a failure to tailor perks to suit individual lifestyles are the two main reasons why employees do not take up the benefits they are offered.

Almost a third (27.9%) of HR managers believe staff are failing to utilise their benefits package because they are not interested in the options, according to Croner Reward’s Employee benefits research.

However, more than half of respondents (52.9%) believe that staff do not take up benefits because the perks on offer do not fit in with their individual lifestyle requirements.

A quarter (25%) of HR managers, meanwhile, said they had no idea why staff do not take up benefits.

Only 11.8% of HR managers think that employees fail to take up benefits because they are not being explained properly, while 10.3% believe that it is due to the paperwork involved.

The survey also found that the benefits most appreciated by staff were pensions, with 80.4% of HR managers admitting this perk was popular, and private medical insurance (PMI), which 43.9% of HR managers said was valued by employees.