Moneyway offers voluntary benefits

MONEYWAY, the financial services firm, has launched a range of retail discounts for staff ahead of a voluntary benefits scheme in April, with a long-term view to introducing flex.

The discounts include deals with high street stores such as HMV and Marks & Spencer, and with holiday firms including Pontin’s and Butlins.

Anne McKenning, head of HR, said: “Full flexible benefits is something that we would like to move towards. This is the first step in our journey.”

The online voluntary benefits scheme will include perks such as the opportunity to buy and sell holiday, and childcare vouchers.

The firm announced the launch of its voluntary benefits scheme at its national conference last month and will communicate it using its intranet site, brochures sent to employees’ home addresses and staff champions, who can explain the benefits options, and how these can be accessed to other members of staff.

“We are looking for volunteers to be ‘flexperts’, so that they will be in a position to raise awareness of the new benefits in April, to ensure they have a full understanding of the benefits on offer,” said McKenning.

The retail discounts and the voluntary benefits scheme will be provided by Motivano.