Britannia Building Society to introduce carbon-offsetting

Britannia Building Society is to introduce a carbon-offsetting scheme and a healthcare cash plan in May in a move to provide more affordable perks for staff and to bolster its green credentials.

The building society is keen to portray itself as being environmentally friendly, so it will enable staff to calculate their carbon footprint and then offset that amount via payments to a ‘green’ charity.

Dan Hartley, group reward manager, said: “We have a strong environmental conscience in the organisation. We also wanted to offer some more affordable benefits this year, so have opted for the healthcare cash plan and the carbon offsetting.”

He added that the organisation believes carbon offsetting is a good investment because if take up is low, keeping the benefit in place will not be too costly.

“It’s a good thing to be able to say that we do, and it can roll over and won’t cost us over time if there is a low take-up,” he said.