Aviva launches financial education

Aviva has launched a financial education programme to ensure staff have a good understanding of their financial benefits and to improve take up of these perks. The scheme, which will run until 2009, is also intended to ensure staff have a good overall financial literacy.

Up to three sessions will run on one day a month at each of Aviva’s major sites, covering topics such as borrowing money, debt, retirement and employee benefits.

Employees who attend will be advised to read their personal total reward statement before attending the session so that they can fully understand the value of their perks and ask relevant questions.

Phil Willcock, director of corporate benefits, said: “We will encourage staff to read their financial total reward statement before the session. This tells them everything they have from pension to flex to shares, and then the session will make more sense.”

Staff who want further assistance after the sessions can contact the adviser leading the session or an in-house adviser at Aviva.

A central team at Aviva will notify management at each location that a session is to be held, so its managers can invite all employees to attend.

The education sessions will be run by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).