Green corporate image often more important than carbon and cost reductions

Almost two thirds of employers (60%) admit that their organisation’s image is the main reason behind them taking a green approach to their fleet, with less than half (47%) stating that cost reduction is a motivating factor.

According a survey of more than 150 businesses by fleet management company Masterlease, 70% of respondents said the environment was taken into consideration when making fleet decisions, yet only 25% said their companies were any good at reducing their carbon footprint.

Almost a third of employers said they were pursuing a green approach to the environment in order to tick that box. A further 38% of fleet operators, meanwhile, do not effectively monitor driver mileage, while 43% have not implemented strategies to help reduce employee mileage, such as home working. Nearly half of fleet operators (47%) also felt their companies were poor at providing information to drivers about environmental issues.

Robert Kingdom, head of marketing and business development at Masterlease, said: “It is positive to see that so many businesses are considering the environment now when making fleet decisions but there is little point if this isn’t resulting in lower carbon emissions and driving down costs.”