Work is the second biggest cause of stress

Employers should ensure they have a stress management strategy in place, after work was identified as the UK’s second highest cause of stress.

According to the Samaritan’s Stressed out survey: A study of public experience of stress, which was sponsored by health insurer Medicash, money worries are the biggest cause of stress, as cited by 50% of men and 52% of women. This was closely followed by work-related issues for 45% of men and 32% of women.

However, the survey also revealed that the number of people who do ‘absolutely nothing at all’ about their stress has doubled since 2003. More than two-thirds (68%) say that they become irritable due to stress, while 56% suffer from disturbed sleep patterns.

Paul Lauris, sales and marketing director at Medicash, said: “It recently came out that just under one third of all working days lost in the UK are due to stress and more days now are taken off with stress than musculo-skeletal disorders.

“As a result we are encouraging businesses to tackle work related causes of stress and provide a health plan, with stress counselling and alternative therapies like reflexology and acupuncture, to help their employees deal with the problem sensibly.”

To help raise awareness of the effects of†stress in the workplace, the Samaritans is today (1 February) holding a stress down day.