Tories back tax break where stay-at-home dads look after kids

The Tories are backing a tax-break that will encourage fathers to stay at home to look after children while their lower-earning partners go out to work.

In the majority of UK households the father earns more than the mother.

Tory leader David Cameron has gone to Sweden to examine an initiative where an extra tax free allowance is offered to families where the higher paid of the two parents gives up work to look after their children. If the allowance were to be implemented in the UK†it would be of most interest to fathers as in the majority of households they earn more than the mother. It†would benefit married or gay couple who have entered into a civil partnership, but would not be available to unmarried couples.

The allowance is worth roughly £500 a year in Sweden. Cameron foresees the tax break being added to the transferable allowance, worth up to about £5,500.

The initiative is part of Cameron’s move towards promoting policies that benefit the family.

Cameron has been on a fact-finding mission in†Sweden discussing policy with the government there.