P&MM revamps internal staff recognition scheme

P&MM has revamped its internal staff recognition scheme with the launch of a 70s disco-themed plan.

The scheme, which is branded Smart R’s, is intended to focus on relationships, results and recognition, and encourages employees to nominate colleagues where they see behaviour that makes a difference to the company. Nomination categories include: customer service; exceeding expectations; teamwork and innovation. Nominations can be made for individuals or teams. The nomination process applies to staff members on every level.

The programme committee will meet monthly to discuss the nominations received and evaluate the impact on the business. There will be a monthly winning individual and team award in addition to special recognition for the two-runners up.

For each nomination, P&MM will make a donation to charity.

The programme was communicated to staff using brochures and leaflets with a 70s disco theme. The launch was celebrated by an all-day 70s disco event that incorporated a 70s music quiz on email throughout the day, karaoke and company-branded sweets.

The company replaced previous ‘Up For It’ scheme in order provide something new for staff and to refresh their motivation.

John Sylvester, P&MM executive director, said: "Smart R’s has presented us with the opportunity to reinforce the values of the business and ensure that staff are properly recognised for their efforts and that we maintain the right balance of customer and commercial focus within the business. It also provides a communication platform to update everyone on a monthly basis and ensure that all staff remain fully engaged. Following the success of Up For It, we look forward to the success of this new reward programme."