DHL Express launches flexible benefits

DHL%2085x85DHL Express has launched a flexible benefits scheme for its 12,500 UK employees in the latest phase of its move to total reward.

Employees selected their perks from four benefits streams covering money, health, career and lifestyle options this month. Their choices are due to come into effect in April.

Craig Truter, reward and recognition manager, said the strategy was intended to give staff a wider picture of the benefits of working for the company. “It enables employees to make an informed decision about their career about whether they want to work for DHL Express or not.”

Communicating the scheme was a challenge as many of the company’s employees do not have computer access at work. To counter this, DHL Express ran both a paper-based and online communications campaign.

Truter added that the company ran several incentive schemes to boost staff awareness of the plan and encourage them to take part. “Traditionally in this type of [communication] booklet we use a lot of corporate pictures from image banks. So one of the incentives was [to encourage] staff to send in pictures of themselves [to use in the flex booklet],” he explained.

Retail vouchers were offered as a reward for participating in the scheme.

Employees who returned their selection forms of flex choices by a certain date were also entered into a prize draw.