News update – Chase publishes new pensions guide

Independent financial advice firm Chase de Vere has published a new survival guide to get employers up to speed with changes to the pensions regime. The guide offers a rundown on the main issues that employers and employees face as A-Day looms. Topics explored include the earnings cap, the new lifetime allowance, investment, drawing benefits, death benefits, borrowing and loans. Jim Aitken, Chase de Vere’s marketing director, said: “The purpose of the guide is to raise awareness of pensions simplification. It summarises all the changes and how they might affect benefits packages. It’s designed to get people thinking.” There is also a glossary, translating the relevant pensions jargon – from A-Day to underfunded unapproved retirement benefits schemes. The publication warns that the new rules could be a real threat to business and says organisations need to put their simplification survival plan in place now.

To obtain a copy of the ‘Pensions simplification survival guide’ contact Jim Aitken on 0845 0777 083 or download the document at