Health body offers home IT

North East London Strategic Health Authority has launched a home computing scheme as part of a drive to improve the lives of NHS staff. The NHS trust, which covers eight London boroughs, introduced the plan at the end of last year to allow workers to save up to 40% off the cost of a new computer. Assistant director of HR Jeanette Crisp said the organisation was one of the first NHS bodies to introduce a scheme, adding that the trend was picking up speed. "There are more of us now. It is a rolling programme – when it starts, people start to say ‘oh that looks good’," she said. The scheme is part of an initiative to make NHS workplaces more attractive. "[We now have] a framework to look at how organisations can improve working lives, looking at staff benefits, childcare, flexible working and healthy working." Alongside the PC plan, the authority also introduced on-site massages to help staff manage stress. Employees get a 50% discount on back and neck rubs. Other benefits added at the end of 2004 include a voluntary benefits scheme from Red Guava and seminars on coping with stress.