UKTV engages staff with annual business objectives to boost motivation


UK television broadcaster UKTV boosts employee motivation in January by engaging staff with the organisation’s brand identity and sharing leadership goals for the year ahead.

Based in London, UKTV’s 270 employees understand how their individual roles contribute to the success of the business, with an organisation-wide cinema screening allowing staff to view the new television programmes due to be aired over the coming year.

Tied in with this screening is a January strategy update meeting, where all employees are briefed on the organisation’s goals for the year ahead and how it aims to achieve these. As part of this update, members of the executive leadership team present their annual individual goals, so that employees can see what is happening in each area of the business. The executive leadership team follows up on these objectives during weekly staff meetings, as well as more formally at the end of the year.

In addition, in December 2015 UKTV announced a new initiative that gives staff their birthdays off work as paid leave. This was implemented in January 2016, and has been hugely popular with staff.

Della Hirons, HR business partner at UKTV, says: “January is the time when [we] can get people to get excited about how they can contribute to the successes of the [organisation], and we just keep getting more successful.”