Jewellery store boss surprises staff with Boxing Day holiday gift


Something for the weekend: Although the festive season may mean a more relaxed working environment for many employees, some retail staff may struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance when longer Christmas shopping hours, high consumer demand and working over the holidays is thrown into the mix. However, Peter Wong, managing director at Wongs Jewellers, has shown support for his employees’ wellbeing by giving all staff Boxing Day off work.

Jewellery shop Wongs Jewellers, based in Liverpool, will be closed on Boxing Day, in addition to Christmas Day, despite usually opening on 26 December to begin preparations for the new year sales.

Peter Wong made the announcement this week, posting a video on Twitter in which he explains that he wants to make sure his employees have the extra day off to spend with their families over the Christmas holidays.

He said: “The hot topic of debate at the moment and one very close to my heart is whether businesses should or should not open on Boxing Day. In previous years, my decision to open was due to the mounting pressure placed upon retailers to open for almost 365 days a year. However, as a family man, I understand the value of spending time with those you love at this most precious time of the year.

“Therefore, I have decided to keep the store closed this Boxing Day, and by doing so make it clear on which side of the debate I stand, and allow my fantastic, hardworking team the time they thoroughly deserve with their brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, parents and grandparents.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we applaud the idea of staff getting to put their feet up on Boxing Day with a mince pie and surrounded by friends and family. After all, that’s exactly what we plan on doing!