UK Fast offices boast a bar, DJs and giant chessboard

Giant chess board-SFTW-2015Something for the weekend…

UK Fast offers some rather unusual benefits.

The digital cloud organisation has kitted out its offices with a giant chessboard, bar and recording studio where its 255 staff can have a break and create music.

Its office space also boasts a den where employees can have naps for half an hour.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the Christmas season, UK Fast’s chief executive officer, Lawrence Jones, converted the organisation’s car park into an ice rink where workers had the opportunity to skate with their friends and family. Jones also invited live bands and DJs from the Ministry of Sound to perform.

And for UK Fast’s Christmas party, bar staff from Jones’ own Swiss hotel were flown in to serve cocktails, and prizes included £10,000 bonuses for long-serving workers.

The organisation’s employees were also treated to a screening of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens at a local Imax cinema.

In the summer, Jones imported 120 tonnes of sand and turned the firm’s car park into a beach, where candidates had their job interviews. New hires were also encouraged to climb Mount Snowden with other new employees.

We’re looking forward to seeing what benefit the employer dreams up next…