The scariest commute in the world

Something for the weekend…


It seems that the travel benefits for employees in the UK are endless, given the plans to create the world’s longest urban trampoline to help staff travel to work currently being considered. 

But this is nothing compared with one extreme mode of transport being used in China.

Villagers of Yushan in Hefeng county, in China’s Hubei province, commute no less than a kilometre in a rickety cable car, which is not much more than a wooden and metal frame suspended from a wire cable network created thousands of feet above ground (not the cable car pictured right). 

The car is used to carry everything from people to supplies on a narrow and dangerous route on a daily basis. 

Without it, villagers would be forced to add a whole day to their journey every time they left their mountaintop village.

UK employees who grumble about their tedious motorway journeys into work should therefore be thankful for the warmth and safety of their daily commute, and that they do not have to rely on such hazardous contraptions..

And for adrenaline junkies, there are always the Emirates Cable Cars in London to consider.