Luton and Dunstable Hospital boosts staff wellbeing

Luton and Dunstable University Hospital has increased the wellbeing of its employees using a free health programme.

Healthy eating

The organisation implemented the British Heart Foundation’s Health at Work programme around four years ago and bases health-related activities, designed to raise awareness of health issues among staff on information provided by the foundation.

December’s communications have been based around healthy eating and alcohol limits during the Christmas period.

The hospital drip feeds information to employees using emails and its monthly newsletters.

Jennie Jones, occupational health and wellbeing services manager at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, said: “The information we get sent through the programme helps us initiate activities within the hospital and allows us to share information among our employees.

“The driver behind the programme is always financial but staff health and wellbeing and happiness is just as important.

“Happier and healthier staff have a better effect on patient healthcare, which is important for us.”

The organisation also takes part in a number of challenges set by the British Heart Foundation, such as its pedometer challenge to encourage employees to walk to work. It also uses real-life case studies to promote employee wellbeing.

As a result, the organisation has seen sickness absence reduce and take up of its health assessments improve.

Jones added: “There is always a need to keep it fresh and the launch of our over-40s health checks has seen incredibly take up because of the information we provide. Some 300 employees have taken part.

“I am sure the programme has helped reduce sickness absence but it does come down to a number of things: a robust sickness absence management strategy, partnering with the British Heart Foundation and good wellbeing initiatives.”