Fit for Work service launches

The Fit for Work service was launched yesterday (15 December).

sickness-fit for work-2014

Previously known as the Health and Work Service, it offers impartial advice for dealing with long-term absence. Its services include an online library and telephone, email and online support for employers, employees and general practitioners (GPs).

The Fit for Work service will also provide occupational health related assessments and support to employees who have been, or are expected to be, absent from work for at least four weeks.

Staff will primarily be referred to the service by GPs, although employers will also be able to refer staff after they have been absent for more than four weeks. 

The occupational health support aims to provide a return-to-work plan to employees to help support their return to the workplace, and will replace the need for a fit note.

The advice section of the service is the first to go live