Who is the most over-paid actor?

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UK employees are ranked the lowest paid across most job levels compared to other European countries, but they could feel even worse by looking at the return on investment on some Hollywood actors’ pay for a single film.

According to Forbes’ 2013 List of the Most Overpaid Actors, Happy Gilmore star Adam Sandler commands $15 million (£9 million) per movie, which is great for his bank account but not necessarily for the studio that pays him.

The American magazine estimated that Sandler’s last three films returned an average of $3.40 (£2.10) for every $1 (61p) he was paid, which led to his place on the top of Forbes’ list. 

In the UK, the national average earnings stand at £26,500. Compared to Sandler and his Hollywood colleagues’ pay, this figure looks minute.

Sandler beat off competition from two of 2012’s worst-valued stars: rom-com queen Katherine Heigl, who placed second on the list for the second year running, and Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon.

Sadly, some of the Employee Benefits’ team’s favourite Hollywood stars also made the list:

1. Adam Sandler, who returns $3.40 (£2.10) for every $1 (61p) paid.

2. Katherine Heigl, who returns $3.50 (£2.13) for every $1 (61p) paid.

3. Reese Witherspoon, who returns $3.90 (£2.37) for every $1 (61p) paid.

4. Nicolas Cage, who returns $6 (£3.65) for every $1 (61p) paid.

5. Kevin James, who returns $6.10 (£3.71) for every $1 (61p) paid.

6. Denzel Washington, who returns $8.30 (£5.04) for every $1 (61p) paid.

7. Steve Carrell, who returns $10 (£6.08) for every $1 (61p) paid.

8. Jennifer Aniston, who returns $10.60 (£6.44) for every $1 (61p) paid.

9. Matt Damon, who returns $10.60 (£6.44) for every $1 (61p) paid.

10. Ryan Reynolds, who returns $10.70 (£6.50) for every $1 (61p) paid.

Maybe it’s time for Hollywood to implement some of the pay freezes we’re all so familiar with.