Higher pay would boost workplace motivation

Almost a third (32%) of respondents claim a higher salary would boost their workplace motivation, according to research by Canada Life Group Insurance.

Its research, which surveyed 763 employees, found that 24% of respondents said that the financial security from protection products would improve their motivation and productivity, while 9% would be more motivated by cash bonuses.

The research also found that workplace motivation is most negatively affected by work-related stress (16%), while 14% of respondents said unpleasant colleagues damage their motivation at work.

The same proportion (14%) blamed a lack of incentives, such as recognition or bonuses, while 13% said an unmanageable workload makes it hard for them to feel motivated at work.

Paul Avis (pictured), marketing director of Canada Life Group, said: “Employees should never feel too scared to tell their boss that they are unhappy and de-motivated, [because] only through communication can these types of problems be solved.

“If employees are really unhappy about tackling these problems head on, an employee assistance programme can provide third-party assistance and advice.

“If employees’ problems are money related, employers providing financial protection, such as group income protection, can go a long way to improve financial security and also contentment and productivity at work.”