Healthy Performance launches online health tool

EXCLUSIVE: Healthy Performance has launched an online health assessment tool for employers and employees.

The tool provides employers with a live dashboard where they can see anonymous, real-time data as employees complete their health assessments.

Employers are then provided with an overall wellbeing score and a health risk score for their workforce, while employees are provided with an individual wellbeing age, wellbeing score and health-risk score.

Employees can log into the online portal at any time and can fill the questionnaire out once every calendar month if they wish. They can also add in data from health checks and track their progress.

The health assessment tool covers a range of issues that impact health and wellbeing at work, including work-life balance, physical work environments, healthy-eating choices and physical activity.

Wayne Campbell, managing director at Healthy Performance, said: “We found there was a gap in the market with regards to the employer getting information out of their online health assessment.

“As an example, most online tools are filled in by the employee. They get their scores and their advice, but the organisation doesn’t get anything for that.

“We’re trying to take it a stage forward, whereby employers will have a live dashboard where they will be able to get real-time data of employees filling it in. They can segment that report by location or department, so it will make it very specific and allow them to be very proactive, if they have got several sites or across different departments.

“The organisation can drill down a bit further because they can see the overall responses for each answer. That is where we think it will allow organisations to be really proactive about wellbeing, by focusing on some of those particular questions.

“Employers will be able to take a temperature of the health status of the organisation at any given time.”