Employee benefits for Father Christmas and his staff

Something for the weekend…

Christmas time is the busiest period of the year for Father Christmas and his little helpers, but what if there were employee benefits in place to help them gear up for the festive season?

The busy elves could have access to an employee assistance programme to help reduce stress and an ’elfcare’ scheme to make sure the toy-makers stay healthy.

Father Christmas probably recognises all the hard work they do and has launched a rewards portal, offered by provider The North Pole.

The scheme would be aimed at boosting motivation in the workplace and elves could benefit by receiving discounts on Christmas trees and turkeys.

For the big man himself, there might be a company car policy in place to help him deliver all the presents on time.

He might also receive a discounted membership at Jingle Bells Gym to work off all the mince pies and cookies.

Father Christmas said: “Ho, ho, ho. It’s important we recognise our elves’ hard work during this busy period. It keeps them motivated and gives them something back when times are tough and pay increases are minimal.”

From everyone at Employee Benefits, we wish you a happy Christmas.