Employee Benefits Awards are industry pinnacle

John Whitaker, benefits consultant at BSkyB, explains what it means to win an Employee Benefits award.

BSkyB was awarded ‘Best voluntary benefits plan’ at the Employee Benefits Awards 2013.

1. What has winning an Employee Benefits’ award meant to you and to your team?

This was an amazing achievement and has really rounded off our year. We are proud to be recognised by our peers for the hard work we have done in engaging employees in our benefits.

2. What have you done to communicate your Employee Benefits’ award win to your organisation and to employees?

We have shared this achievement with our employees through good news stories and used it in all of our emails and benefits communications. Everyone at Sky is proud of this achievement. 

3. What has the award meant to the organisation and to employees?

Our award demonstrated a huge employee hunger and desire for benefits, and they played a central role in our making these achievements happen. This is ultimately driven by our employees engaging and telling us what benefits they want. Our award was in direct response to employee feedback and has demonstrated to employees that we have a real desire to listen and act.

4. What would you say to other employers to encourage them to enter the Employee Benefits Awards 2014?

The Employee Benefits Awards are the pinnacle of our industry, and it is always interesting to hear about what the best employers are doing to continue to push the benefits engagement agenda.

The Employee Benefits Awards 2014 are open for entries. The deadline is 18 December.