Town of Tryon police department hires kitten as police dispatcher

Image credit: Town of Tryon, North Carolina

Something for the weekend: Creating a diverse workforce is an important consideration for any organisation, however, the police department for the town of Tryon, North Carolina, has really proved itself as an inclusive employer, hiring a four-month old kitten as its newest police dispatcher.

Its latest recruit, named Sqweeks, started work on Tuesday after a police officer let the kitten into the office building on Monday night in order to avoid the cold weather. Sqweeks was soon put to work, helping employees to catch up on their computer work, and spending a shift as a police dispatcher.

Sqweeks’ colleagues have been unable to find out whether the kitten has an owner, however, the purr-fect employee has fully embraced the workplace environment, happily posing for snaps to feature on the town’s Facebook page.

Sqweeks is currently living with a fellow employee’s cousin while her team investigate her background to try to find her family.

A post on the town’s Facebook page said: “She is earning her keep while she is here. Currently dispatching for the police department, but she is missing her family.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we love the idea of having a feline reporter to join the team. Although it is debatable whether a kitten’s typing skills would be up to scratch…