Jeff Archer: How to balance healthcare education and interventions

The article Heavy burden in November’s Health and wellbeing supplement clearly highlighted the trend of employers becoming increasingly focused on individuals when it comes to helping staff look after themselves.

Where busy employees often struggle is with the important question of why they should invest in making changes to their food routine or healthy lifestyle in general when they are already busy enough with day-to-day living. 

What is clear, however, and we’ve all seen this happen, is that once any individual uncovers their motivation to make lifestyle changes, the results can be dramatic. 

So when designing a rounded wellness programme, there should always be a balance between widespread initiatives providing education and targeted interventions focusing on individual motivation.

An organisation that both equips employees with the information and resources they need to make quick, easy and lasting change, and then inspires them by ensuring each one can make the connection between appropriate lifestyle choices and improvements in their energy, success and enjoyment of all areas of their professional and personal routines, quickly creates an atmosphere where people are electing to live a healthier life rather than feeling pressured into doing so.

Jeff Archer is managing director of The Tonic