Christmas bonuses not popular

News of Asda staff earning a festive bonus made the headlines last month, but few employers offer this perk.

The supermarket chain’s 180,000 staff shared a £17 million festive bonus, which included a £20 Asda gift card, £5 each towards a Christmas party, and a free meal.

But according to Edenred’s Saying thank you at Christmas 2013 survey, two-thirds (65%) of employee respondents do not expect to receive a Christmas reward from their employer this year.

The survey also found that 90% of respondents thought a cash incentive bonus was the worst way to give a festive thank-you.

Colin Hodgson, sales director at Edenred, said: “Our research reinforces the belief that organisations are missing a significant opportunity to engage and recognise employees’ contribution.

“There is no right or wrong option, this is very much determined by the audience, demographics and employers’ typical reward and benefits packages.”