Employers will communicate auto-enrolment face to face

The majority (86%) of respondents that will reach their auto-enrolment staging date in the next 12 months and have started planning their communications strategy will use meetings or presentations to do so, according to research by Buck Consultants.

The research found that 46% will use one-to-one staff meetings. .

The research also found:

  • 78% are planning to use an intranet.
  • 67% are planning to use email.
  • 55% are planning to use letters, newsletters, leaflets, memos, desk drops or noticeboards.
  • 51% are planning to use staff handbooks.
  • 31% are planning to use webinars or podcast sessions.

However, one in 20 respondents said they do not yet know how they will communicate the change to employees

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Linda Daw, head of UK communication at Buck Consultants, said: “A lack of education on pensions is fraught with the potential for employee misunderstanding on how they work.

“Those employers with staff impacted in the next year need to invest the time and act fast. Without equipping staff with a comprehensive understanding, many employees will simply opt out.”