Blue Arrow selects plan for auto-enrolment

The Blue Arrow Group has appointed a provider for its auto-enrolment pension scheme.

The recruitment firm, which has 30,000 employees, will provide eligible staff with the multi-employer trust from Now: Pensions from its staging date in January 2013.

Mark Manaton, managing director at the Blue Arrow Group, said: “Now: Pensions’ Trust is supportive, easy for our employees to understand and uncomplicated in terms of its implementation.

“Its structured approach removes the complicated investment choices, makes auto-enrolment a straightforward and simple process, and ensures optimum outcomes for our employees at retirement.”

Morten Nilsson, chief executive officer at Now: Pensions, added: “Ahead of its auto-enrolment staging date, the organisation has taken the necessary steps to ensure its employees are provided with a supportive, low-cost pension plan that’s simple and easy to understand, and which will deliver value to them.”