Sainsbury’s supports staff on Carers Rights Day

Sainsbury’s has joined forces with Carers UK to support employees who care for an ill or disabled loved one.

Because 2 December is Carers Rights Day, the supermarket chain is distributing Carers UK’s advice guide, which offers information on juggling work and care.

Sainsbury’s has also sponsored 50,000 copies of the guide, which will be handed out at 700 local events across the UK.

Jacki Connor, director of colleague engagement at Sainsbury’s, said: “Sainsbury’s is very proud of its support for Carers UK as we know this is an important issue for our employees and customers.

“One person in eight has caring responsibilities, which means nearly 20,000 of our employees look after a friend or loved one.†

“We are committed to ensuring that these staff get all of the support they need, be that through providing flexible working or giving them the ability to take time off at short notice.

“We hope other businesses follow our lead and take steps to ensure that carers are supported in the workplace.”

Emily Holzhausen, director of policy at Carers UK, added: “Most of us will provide care at some point in our lives to ill or disabled loved ones.

“Yet when caring affects your family, it is often hard to get help and advice, and without support, caring can take a serious toll on carers’ health, finances and wellbeing.

“It is crucial for workplaces to adapt to an increasing number of families juggling work and care, and that is why we are delighted to be working with Sainsbury’s to support their employees with caring responsibilities.”

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