Calls for diet police to inspect what private sector workers eat

Calls made by 2020Health for diet police to monitor what private sector employees eat at work to reduce absence could not have come at a worse time of year.

The think tank wants to see the role of council health and safety inspectors to include advising private sector workers on diet and the importance of exercise.

Mince pies, biscuits and chocolates may not be good for employees’ health but will no doubt boost their mental wellbeing.

The EB team certainly found this was case when we munched our way through a year’s supply of gingerbread men (see picture).

As an example, the members of the Employee Benefits team monitored what treats we had eaten during the course of our jobs this week:

  • 15 mince pies
  • 20 gingerbread men
  • 5 three-course meals and 2 magnums of champagne (work Christmas party)
  • 6 portions of hamburger and chips (hangover cure post Christmas party)
  • 25 chocolate pieces from advent calendars

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