Bluefin introduces retirement planning product

Bluefin Corporate Consulting has introduced a product called Retirement Gateway, which aims to help employees understand and prepare for retirement.

The product, which is now part of the provider’s benefits platform, Orbit, includes:

• Video guides on retirement planning.

• Information and support.

• Interactive notebook.

In addition, existing tools within the Orbit platform, such as the pension calculator and the pension consolidation process, are linked in to Retirement Gateway at the appropriate points.

Robin Hames, head of technical, marketing and research at Bluefin, said: “With the shift in pension provision away from defined benefit schemes, the onus is very much on the individual to make some crucial decisions.

“Our pensions calculator and fund centre tools are already helping employees to make the most of their pension planning. Retirement Gateway represents the final part of our knowledge centre on Orbit.

“Bluefin believes that technology is the key to the future of employee benefits and we are committed to the ongoing development of Orbit to continuously improve our proposition to our clients and their employees.”

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