The Open University launches financial education course

The Open University is offering a course to help employers provide staff with financial education and encourage them to take better control of their finances.

Its ‘You and your money’ course, which covers a range of financial issues including income, expenditure, budgeting and debt, aims to give employees a better understanding of how to manage their finances and plan for their financial future.

The university is providing support to employers to help promote the course to employees, including consultation, online financial tools, posters and flyers.

Registration for the six-month flexible part-time course closes in March 2011, and the course starts in May. Employees can study from home, but there are also optional tutorials that can be held in workplaces.

This is the fourth year the university has run the course, and over 7,000 people have completed it in three years.

Martin Higginson, course co-chair, said: “It is trying to capture the sense that at a time when increasingly individuals are having to take responsibility, this is a chance for employers to say they will help individuals with that responsibility.”

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