Workers in Kabul given Thurdays off until the spring

During the winter months, workers in the Afghan capital Kabul have been given Thursdays off each week to help cut pollution, but will have to make up the hours when spring arrives.

Kabul is set among mountains that are snow-capped for most of the year but also trap fumes from the increasing numbers of cars, buses, taxis and diesel generators used to compensate for frequent power cuts. In order to safe-guard the health and safety of residents the cabinet decided to make Thursday a day off until the end of this Persian year in around three months time.

Meanwhile, as the snow falls in the UK and staff encounter the infrequent remains of public transport employers are being reminded of employees’ rights if they cannot get in to work.

For those who do make it in, The EB Team wonders whether it is acceptable to work in a freezing office with sporadic heating.

After all, typing articles in mittens must have a damaging impact on productivity levels.