Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks promote payroll giving to staff and customers

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks are promoting payroll-giving schemes among their staff and encouraging their customers to donate to charity as well.

Workplace Giving is an efficient way for an employee to donate to any charity straight from pay and the only way that a higher rate taxpayer can automatically give an extra 40 or 50% to their chosen charity.

The campaign from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks are promoting the scheme through ATM rolls across the country. The campaign logo and web URL will appear on ATM receipts dispensed from cashpoint machines across the UK. The move comes after both banks introduced the Workplace Giving promotion on 300,000 customer bank statements.

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks have supported the scheme since it was launched in 2008. More than 20% of staff donate to charity via their salaries – the highest employee involvement of any UK high street bank for Workplace Giving.†

Jacqui Atkinson, community affairs manager at Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, said: “As an organisation we are committed to supporting community and volunteering initiatives across our business and the workplace giving scheme is a good way to make donating to chosen charities as easy as possible for our employees. Plus, if money is donated to our chosen charity, Help the Hospices, we match the funds pound for pound.”

“Nearly 2,000 of our employees have donated to 227 different charities since we introduced the scheme and it continues to be popular with our employees, raising an average £230,000 each year.

“We wanted to lend our support to Geared for Giving and encourage anyone who can donate to do so through the workplace giving programme so we are delighted to introduce information through our customer communications.”

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