Bombardier launches salary sacrifice car scheme

Bombardier Transportation has switched its contract-hire funded company car fleet to a salary sacrifice car scheme for all employees, and aligned it with its environmental strategy.

The new scheme, which is provided by Tusker, sets an upper limit of 120g/km of CO2 for all cars. It is open to all UK employees and replaces the previous fleet which comprised 450 cars for directors, senior managers and technical staff.

Employees who previously received company cars now receive a cash allowance and can decide how much of that allowance they want to sacrifice for a car.

Bombardier, which has operations in more than 60 countries, is expecting take up between 5-15%, in line with the experience of its scheme consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Available through the firm’s ‘Preference’ flexible benefits package, the aims of the new scheme are primarily environmental, as well as providing tax savings and wider choice for all employees.

Vicky Stewart, senior benefits advisor, said: “We wanted the new scheme to meet our environmental objectives. When we build trains we make sure we are environmentally considerate, and we wanted to take the same approach with our car scheme.

“Feedback so far has been very positive, with many employees saying the scheme has allowed them to buy new cars they would not have been able to afford otherwise.

“We have had over 75 orders to date and expect this to increase as more cars come off their leases, which were typically for three or four years.”

David Hosking, managing director at Tusker, added: “Bombardier is to be applauded for its new approach in providing brand new cars to a wider proportion of its employees and for using its salary sacrifice car scheme to help ensure it meets its environmental objectives.”

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